Monday, 24 May 2021

May Meeting Highlights

More Manitoba lockdowns with no end in sight ... sigh. Lets take the time to look at this for the opportunity for new opportunities, like sewing up our stashes! 

Rae made this lovely bunny quilt with her stash. Let this be an inspiration to dig into your fabric buckets.  (I shared her picture before she could bind it)

Judy is hiding behind this sweet and simple comfort quilt. 

Eileen has been busier than ever sewing up a storm in Selkirk. She says the first cut into her sister's cross stitch was the toughest. The piece looks wonderful. 

And some basket sewing from her as well for some knitters in her life. 

Judy is shy ... she had a little help from Phyl with this comfort quilt. 

I had some fun with a scrap challenge this spring. I had signed up for an online challenge where the hosts sent an envelope of scraps - all the scraps were to be used at least once. I used them all and then the trimmings. My wall hanging is called 'Sea Glass' (yes, I even used the batiks!)

With the trimmings, I made an art piece after spending some time scrolling through Pinterest for ideas. I love how my runner turned out. I created it with the bits and trimmings from the wall hanging and some decorative wool we had in our craft box. I made it with a water soluble Sulky stabilizer. My hubby hates it so I am going to make ten more and place them all over the house. He is a huge brat, telling everyone its a 'mess thing' and that "I fished it out of the sink trap'. I say, yesterday's garbage is todays art project.

I dug these lovely blocks out of a box where they have lived for 4 years. Ha ha ... they needed a rest. I received them as part of a swap on Instagram. They are the economy block made with only Cotton & Steel fabrics and my quilt is made up with blocks from 70 ladies from the US and Canada. Its also all for me, me, me! One more UFO off the list.

 Judy with another has comfort quilts. (I think that's Judy, anyway!) 

Keep your pictures coming! 

Monday, 3 May 2021

April Meeting Highlights

We came together for another Zoom meeting in April and it seems this will be our way for the next few months. Manitoba is under another gathering lockdown as Covid-19 rates are still rising despite many of us getting vaccinated this month. 

April was a light month for show and tell.  

I started this Strip Around the World in November of 2019 for Christmas the next month ... ha ha ... just finished! Sean hates it - thinks its 'Too busy' so now I'm refusing to put it away. Can't wait to start another one but have to clean up a few UFO's first.

I like this Meadowland quilt more every time I look at it. Thanks to Lynn for her tutorial last month. Hint, hint .. press the seams open.  The fabric line is called Balboa. I picked it up from Road 17 at Christmas time. (thanks Santa!) 12 squares makes a really nice lap quilt for a lady ... for me, me, me and no husband to hog! He can have the next one made out of 20. 

Here's the back. I can't decide which side I like more. I'm busy sorting scraps to make my next one (or two or three!)

Gladys bought a bit too much fabric and wound up making a few quilts from this fabric. 

Marg gave a demo at our Zoom meeting on Cathedral Windows. Here is her sample. 

Here's to a great May!