Saturday, 22 January 2011

January 2011 Meeting

 There were 38 members present and 2 guests on a very cold evening.

 The library has two new books -- Rotary Cutting Revolution and Spinning Pinwheel Quilts. Five stencils have been placed in the library. Magazines received included the Jan/Feb Quiltmaker, Winter 2011 issue of The Canadian Quilter, Jan/Feb Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting,and the Winter issue of Quilter’s Connection,

This is a reminder that the Northern alphabet blocks are due in February.

The program for the evening was demonstrating various cutters and rulers ( our new christmas gifts).

Below are two different systems.  One is a ruler that allows you to ride your cutter along a

ridge in the ruler to keep from cutting crocked.  The other is a sharpener for your rotary cutting blade.
The members voted to purchase an Accuquilt go Cutter and some basic dies and mats.  It will be very handy to cut up our fabrics quickly and accurately for our comfort block kits. 

Lori and Kathy demonstrated the next level of the Mystery quilt, which is putting together starts.  Members were cautioned not to assume they know the next step and work ahead.

Audrey demonstrated the next comfort block which is available in a kit from the guild. It is a disappearing four patch. Members are reminded to please press the seams open for this patch to reduce bulk.


We had some show and tell in the evening, but not as many as usual, since most members were busy making things for Christmas.

Yvonne showed her lovely little girls alphabet quilt.

Lorna showed us a couple of her place mats. Two of Twelve.

 Lorna holding up her latest quilt, and Kathy displaying her Christmas quilt, which was a gift from her daughter.
 Some of the members holding up iron carriers/ironing pads.  These were gifts made by Eileen for her friends.  Great items for a quilting retreat.
 Lynn with another one of her lovely wall hangings.

 And last but certainly not least, Kathy with a lovely quilt she made from a bali collection "Let it snow"

The weather is still cold, so what else can we do but quilt.

Happy Quilting

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Quilt Christmas Party 2010

41 members came out to our Christmas party and they brought along 20 guests.  It was a really nice group for a Party.

Lorie demonstrated the next step in the 2011 Mystery quilt.  I don't think she promised and end to the flying geese.  Did she?
Nadine led the group in a game of "Quilting Acronyms", which was very challenging.

Sandra S. Demonstrated the craft for the evening, which was a figure skate tree ornament.

The winner of the toy black viewer's choice award was a tie between Glenna D and Nadine M.

The evening ended with our traditional Fat Quarter exchange game.  The colour of the fabric was blue.  The story was written and read by Donna H..  It is written our further down the blog list.

Until our meeting in January.

Happy Quilting and a Happy New Year.

Show and Tell for December 2010

Cathy's scrappy quilt

 Ray's Christmas wall hanging
 Sandra'S 2009 Mystery Quilt
 Sandra's 2010 Mystery Quilt
 Rae's Scrappy Star Quilt
 Eileen's  "Baby's First Christmas Stocking"

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Show and Tell for December 2010 Part 2

Norma's Flying Geese Quilt

Cathy's Colourful quilt

Phil's lovely pink qult

Val's Christmas Trees

Robin's 2009 Mystry Quilt

Monday, 3 January 2011

Meals on Wheels Placematts

Here are the quilts donated to the Elks Christmas Cheer this year.
55 placemats were presents to Brenda as a donation to the Meals on Wheels program. Great work ladies.
Here are some of our members displaying their placemats.

Donna's Story

Once upon a Quilt Guild.
Left of Ontario, right of Saskatchewan and somewhere right along the left margin
of the province of Manitoba, there is a right lovely little quilt quild. Our fearless
leader, Kathy, is right on top of things-she keeps us right up to date with fun
projects and never is heard to utter---LEFT, RIGHT,LEFTRIGHTLEFT. Audrey is
her right hand man and has left nothing to chance. She always leaves us
reminders right on the table where we can pick up all the instructions for the
work still left to do. Lori and Marg F. are right in the thick of things, teaching us
the right way to do things with all those left over pieces of fabric. Marg H. is our
resident expert in color co-ordination. "NO, move that block to the left, no- to
the right-Just a minute-move that one back to the left and take the left lower
block and bring it up to the right corner. There that is the right color match. 11
Lorna G and Sandra D make a great team on the sewing machine. They organize
the right order and all goes right along swimmingly-until Lorna is left with a
right-angled square in square instead of a pinwheel. Then the poor soul who
pinned the patch has left the building, and Evelyn slowly slides her left hand
across the table, right in front of Lorna, and that patch disappears faster than the
nine-patch-never to be seen again.
I will try to stay right on track with the remaining time left.
Show and Tell is the favorite part of our meeting. It is where we all get to see the
right fabrics put together in the right way to form the right pattern for the right
person for the right reason at the right time.
Cookies and a cup of coffee or tea is just the right mix for us all-even though the
cookies go right to our thighs, right to our hips, and there is always a little left
over to go right to our -well anyway, I digress.
This very special guild is chocked right full of many talented and helpful women
who will gladly spend time with anyone who needs their help. New members are
"always welcome and we miss all of those who have left us.
Nothing more of this story is left, so enjoy the fabric that you hold right in your
hand. If I did it right, you will now have a new addition to your stash. If I did it
wrong, you are left with your own fabric. If this is right, everyone please pass to
your right- no to your left. There-that's right.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a most blessed Holiday Season