Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Quilty Stars

This is the 'Quilty Stars' block we would like you to complete for June/July comfort block activity. The block is fast and fun. It works out to be 16.5 " so makes a nice sized finished quilt. I'm sure if we get enough blocks back, we can likely make two quilts. 

You can see on my block, I chose to 'fussy cut' the center, but you don't need to. The center is 4.5" so you can use up your charm squares. Please use a light center. We would like you to use shades of whites/creams and bright colors. Please be as scrappy as you can. 

Sew the two to the side of the center block and then the top and bottom to make a bigger square. 

The triangles are easy ... I like to cut mine much bigger and then trim to size. They will be trimmed to 4.5" as well. In this diagram, you can see that out of one block, you get two matches - best to make two blocks then or share with a friend so you can keep it scrappy. 

Take your two square and lay them right sides together, draw a pencil line down the center and then sew 1/4" away from the line on each side. Cut up the center, press to the dark and trim to size. Voila! 

Pick 4 side blocks and get a nice layout together 

Then, sew, sew, sew! It took me about an hour to dig through my stash, iron, cut and sew up two blocks. 
The blocks are rather addicting so be warned. If you are on instagram, there are lots of posts with these finished quilts ... #quiltystarsal (quilty stars sew along) or #quiltystarsquilt

PS: you can tell Rae made this block because of the kitty cats! 

Rae made up these beauties. 

Here is the finished project. This is a quilt I made Darby in the fall. It was made all with scraps. As you can see, the scrappier the better. I had fun cutting up some of my favorite fabrics that I had been saving. Twelve blocks with sashing and borders make a good size twin. 

I hope you love this block as much as us! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

~Sheri & Rae 

More to Share ....

This is a lovely quilt made by Gladys. She says it matches the pillows she made last year. Funny, usually the pillows come after the quilt ... 

Helen made this sweet puppy dog panel quilt 

Sandra made this sweet mini using the quick curve ruler. She is doing a great job with the quilting!

Zoom meeting is tonight. Please keep sending your show and tell pictures my way .... sheri-lyn-fox@hotmail.com