Sunday, 2 October 2022

Quilt Challenge

 This blog is indeed still alive and kicking … I haven’t been present at many meetings this past summer and there seem to be pictures on many different cameras - we’ll get it back on track again. 

We just wrapped up our 2 day fall retreat which was a blast. It was so good to get together again - in person, eating together, having a few laughs and lots of sewing. 

We showcased a quilt challenge and voted on 2 winners. This challenge has been 3 years in the making as Covid shut downs cancelled our quilt shows. We each had to use an orange fat quarter which was provided. You could use as much or little as you liked. Some of us (like me) lost the orange, scrambled to finish last minute, or say no thanks. I just love, love, love 💕 the work and creativity these ladies put into their 24” masterpiece. 


Rae - our winner! 




Sandra S



Sandra D

Pattie - 2nd place

I can’t wait until we do this again! 
~ Sheri

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

May Meeting Highlights

 Only a month late! 

I just received the pictures from the May meeting. I have been MIA from the last few meetings and thank the members that have been taking pictures in my absence. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

April Meeting Highlights

 We had a lot going on this spring ... finally, we were able to meet together as a group and be maskless! Yay ... the spring retreat was well attended and many of us are feeling back to normal ... as normal as we can at least! Here are some pictures from the April guild meeting. 

Thursday, 28 April 2022

March Meeting

Sorry all, I've been a bit late on the blog here! 
Enjoy some great show and tell from the March meeting


Thursday, 6 January 2022

Christmas Party

Well, it wasn't the Christmas party of years past but we are thankful that we had the opportunity to get together in some fashion this year. 

Rae presented a comfort quilt to Linda on behalf of her friends in the guild. We learned that Linda didn't have a quilt for her bed and with some life changes, she hasn't been quilting very much. It was a surprise gift to her. Love you Linda. 

Please enjoy our show and tell ... Audrey seems to be having a giggle behind this lovely leaf quilt she donated to the comfort pile for 2022. 

Iris was busy ... a lovely gift for a grandson. 

A lovely large paper pieced quilt by Donna 

Some yummo's ... Covid be damned, we need our Christmas treats! 

Patti was first up to show off her Covid QAL. Great job Patti. 

Rae showing off her sweet Christmas throw 

More from Patti 

Peg made up some designer placemats 

Donna's masterpiece 

A baby gift by Patti 

Audrey hiding ... 

Gladys had the smallest make of the night

Lynne has a new grandson and he has a lovely quilt 

Sandra gifted her daughters lovely Christmas throws

Lynne shows off her QAL .. this almost inspires me to finish mine! 

Audrey .. where are you ... ?

Rae has been scrap busting 

Sandra finished up her QAL. Awesome job Sandra!

Peg in the Christmas spirit

Our president block presentation - this year's to last 

Donna has been busy 

Lynne again with a lovely large low volume quilt

Sweet Audrey

I finally finished something! I started this Jets quilt at Easter and finally finished at Christmas. 

Sandra with quilt #2

Patti with another sweet quilt 

Rae with a sweet 30's reproduction print throw

 There is a UFO this Saturday at the church. Masks required, to follow Shared Health guidelines. 

Stay warm and happy quilting!