Thursday, 5 April 2018

March Madness

We had a quiet meeting in March with just a wee bit of show and tell. It's been unusually cold for the past few weeks so I'm sure this next time we will all have lots to show. 

Here is Sherron with a sweet little table runner and a sweet girl looking to help her show it off. Darby is now on the move and with me taking pictures she was tough to wrangle at our meeting.

 Judy has been a busy quilter - not sure if this is a leftover from Christmas 2017 or a head start for 2018. Either way, it is a simple design with great impact.

She made this wonderful quilt for her grandson who is a goalie. I'm sure he is over the moon to have this homemade Bomber quilt. Judy quilted pucks and sticks in the larger squares.

And finished off with a sweet baby quilt

I only have 17 unfinished quilts of my own to do so thought it best to take on some guild projects as well ... we had some community members donate flannels over the years so in our cupboard cleaning, a few of us took some squares home ... I really love how my Lucey made this simple piece really sing. 

Vivian stunned us with this beautiful teal and brown elk throw for her hubby. He popped this panel in her cart one day and asked her to sew it up for him .... five years later and hours 'hunting' for the perfect color match and voila! 

A shot of the back ......

And a sweet pinwheel .....

Lynn made this divine wall hanging for her new baby grandson. It is a design of hers made with Allsion Glass fabric. So modern and yummy. No Winnie the Poo for this cool baby.

Please note a change in a few dates .... we had to move the spring retreat to help accomodate some other church events. It works out a bit better for us in reality as now our friend Wendy from Fabriculous will be coming up to 'play' ... hopefully she will bring some yummies to share and maybe teach us something (jelly roll rug perhaps).

The new dates are April 27 & 28. Usual routine, sew until your back hurts all day Friday. nibble on sweets and crap, then gorge on potluck Friday evening. Sew until Audrey kicks out - repeat Saturday (left overs Saturday - no potluck ... ditto with the sweets).  I can't wait!

There will be a UFO this Saturday as well. Doors open at 9. $10 to join in ... I think I may even mosey on over with a bucket of unfinished objects. See you then!


Thursday, 22 February 2018

February Meeting Highlights

We had a pretty healthy crowd out for a chilly February night ... lots of show and tell! 
We are busy making plans for spring and fall - namely, our spring retreat and fall quilt show. This is the first year we are holding our show in the fall. We felt too much of a time crunch with our spring show as we have more and more guild members spending winters away ....(tanning, golfing, quilting, relaxing .. your know, just acting like regular teenage bums!) Our hope is to involve as many members as possible. I think we may see some new elements to the quilts we show as it falls before Christmas. Plans are underway to get our advertising together and constructing tickets for our big quilt draw. The show is a lot of hard work, a lot of fun and accomplishment and a great money maker for our guild. 

Valerie never disappoints us .. always with unique, neat pieces. These snowman placemats are supersweet.

 Iris made a charming Star Wars quilt for her grandson. She has had a busy season making quilts for a number of family members.

I'm quite tickled with my jelly roll rug I made from stash fabrics.

And a Bonnie & Camille deconstructed log cabin which was part of an Instagram swap. (It looks like I have 4 hands here but it's Audrey hiding out while helping to model the quilt)

Evelyn has a sweet smile for this sweet throw she 'threw' together at our recent UFO.

Some child at Ronald McDonald House is going to flip when they receive Val's fun Dr. Seuss quilt.

This is not a podium picture from the Winter Olympics .... These 3 amigos are showing off their Canada Day placemats. Eileen gave us a paper piecing lesson a couple of months ago. We are planning on donating these sweet mats to our local Meals on Wheels program. Moira, Audrey and Iris are ahead of the game. They look great. 

 Audrey has been busy making baby quilts. I would love to take a peak at her stash!

Poor Eileen ... I don't let her go until I get a big toothy smile. She models her sweet  retreat bag and reversible table toppers.

 Audrey caught with a beautiful smile.

Here's Judy peeking over her modern skulls piece. This will be donated to one of our charities this year.

And with that, February came and went! Can't wait to get sewing for spring. 
See you in March!


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

UFO Days

A handful of us ladies got together this month for our monthly UFO day. It was a really relaxing and nice day. I was happy to run away from home for the day, expecting to get 'so much done'! Well ... between the visiting and snacking and more visiting ... my poor postage stamp quilt went back to live in it's plastic box. I'm on a self imposed fabric diet for the next few months and am very determined to sew up my stash. The UFO day is going to be a good addition to my month (as long as I sit at my own table and behave!)

We meet the first Saturday of each month - doors open at 9. The cost is $10 for the day to cover our rent at the church. Here's a few shots of what you missed in February.

Such sweet faces happy at work

Lynn sewing away ... more ladies were hiding off to the camera!

What is a UFO and what is this day all about?! UFO stands for UnFinished Objects. Quilters, knitters, and crafters alike know how the sparkle of a new project sometimes derails us from tackling our stash.

Check out these cute blog pieces on getting those UFO's completed .... (or tossed, shared, donated etc.) .... check it out Here and Here ... follow the links ....

Lorna & Audrey deep in thought about mathematics

Eileen is on a bag spree 

Our next guild meeting is next week - Tuesday, February 20 - see you in the morning, evening or all day! Maybe I will bring a finished UFO! Would that be an FO? What are you madly finishing up to share?

Are you a guild member spending the winter in a warmer place than Flin Flon? Send me a picture of what you are up to! How are your UFO's coming along? 

 ~ Sheri

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Quilt Swami

This was sent to me by our member Lorna .... quite cute reading. 
The source is from Mary Fons of Fons and Porter. You can read her blog  Here

Reading your horoscope is kind of like eating a dish of those frozen ice cream pellets at the county fair. It’s a strange experience you don’t understand but it’s harmless, really, and besides, how many times can a person go check out what’s happening in the hog barn?

That a quilter would have a specific horoscope is not a new idea, but until now, no one has consulted the Great and Wondrous Swami Scout. She is very mysterious and in high-demand, for she tells not just a daily quilter horoscope, but gives month-by-month horoscopes for the whole year, and will do that for you now.

Quilters consulting Swami Scout’s great-great-grandmother to know their future. At least their future purchases. Image: Wikipedia.

“Oh, Great and Wondrous Swami Scout,” you say, admiring her gauzy cape. “That sounds amazing. But how can you tell me my zodiac future without knowing my astrological sign?”

You notice a serious buildup of dust on Swami Scout’s crystal ball, though you don’t say anything about it, which Swami Scout appreciates.

Swami Scout throws her head back and laughs, knocking off her turban in the process, but it’s fine. The Swami takes your hand and looks deep into your eyes and says, “Swami Scout does not require such trivial details when it comes to the knowledge of celestial bodies. Just…just don’t ask so many questions.”

Before you have time to change your mind, the Swami whips her cape around her body so that she’s just peeking out over the top, which she feels makes her look very psychic. Swami Scout’s assistant, Rhianna, comes in with tea and then you all sit down as the master shares with you your horoscope for the coming year after asking you if you’ll be using a credit card or paying in cash.

Prints of this painting available for $9.99 with purchase of membership to the Swami Scout Club. Image: Wikipedia.JANUARY
This year you will need to be more careful
with your money. You may find things in a store that you really want, but this year, focus more on the things that you need. You need more fabric.

You will have to work hard to keep your energy and overall vitality up. It will be important for you to get as much sleep as possible to renew your energy levels, so stop watching so much Netflix and go to bed.

Ugh. It’s cold and rainy. You should probably just stay inside and sew. You can put something
on Netflix, I guess.

With the moon in Capricorn and the sun in Gemini (???) it’s a terrific month to deal with your Un-Finished Objects (UFOs.) They miss you.

You will be involved in many guild activities, which will leave very little time to concentrate on any one of them. Get a Second You and put her to work. Then let me know where you got her because I could really use a Second Me.

This is a good month to make investments, so buy the really, really expensive sewing machine. I foresee one coming on the market that makes you a cup of coffee and listens
to you when you just need to get a few things off your chest. It will also do an amazing blanket stitch.

Ugh. It’s so hot. You should probably just stay inside and sew. But no Netflix!

This looks like some kind of tool that might be helpful but heck if I know. Image: Wikipedia.AUGUST
Still hot — but look at how much you’re getting done!

There will be major changes in your professional life. Maybe it’s a new job, maybe it’s retirement. Maybe you’ll get promoted, but you might get let go. You could become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but you might embark on a failed business venture. It’s impossible to say, really. After all, no one can see the future. I mean…um, well, haha, that’s a joke, you see. Of course, I can tell the future. That’s my job! It’s totally possible to see the future. Promise. I’m sorry, there are no refunds for Swami Scout’s mystical predictions. Where were we?

You’re getting very good at machine applique on your new machine. Watch out for
envious friends.

If you’re gonna get that Yuletide Cheer Christmas quilt done, you gotta start that
puppy now.

Family and friends bring warmth and comfort. Everyone admires your Yuletide Cheers Christmas table topper.

Monday, 22 January 2018

January Meeting Highlights

We had a fairly lively bunch for our January meeting. Our crowd thins somewhat in these winter months as many of our friends head south for warmer winds. Here's a sample of some of the hard work our ladies have been up to recently.

Cynthia shows off a super sweet baby quilt mad with her cookies from other projects. It has the sweetest binding. 

Iris was a busy lady before Christmas making full sized quilts for her hubby and kids. This is a 'Carpenter Star' for her carpenter husband.

Cindy made this cozy winter delight - a gift for the best person - herself!


If it weren't for Phyllis, we would have had a fairly lean show and tell this month. 
She shows of a real classic piece here. This is a Kansas Troubles original. It is quilted with chocolate thread and is as cozy as it looks.

Two more for Phyllis ..... 


And a fourth !!!

I love how she calls herself a beginner quilter! This stack n' whack is not for the faint of heart.


Our guild very often gets together and produces different blocks to construct our comfort quilts. Members each make one, two or more blocks. Sometimes we get 10 or 12 back, sometimes 30! This is a shot of a sweet tulip paper pieced block a few of us made. We are short about 5 to make a nice double size quilt so we put the call out to construct a couple more. I can't wait to see the spring beauty we create from these fun blocks!

I hope you can join us for a fun day of sewing. We will meet up next on the first Saturday of February for a UFO day. I only have 9 UnFinished Objects to complete ... maybe I will come by and start something new! ;)


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Welcome 2018

Two sewing machines were sitting in a bar .... one said to the other .... "Hey, are you a singer?" The other says, "Why do you Ja-No-Me"

Happy New Year to everyone.

We are excited to get together this year and share our love of quilting. Our guild is always welcome to new members, of all levels of quilting. Please shoot me a message if you have anything to add or share here on our blog!



We had a blast at our annual guild Christmas party. We had lots of fun and fellowship. A few of us dropped some money on some wonderful draws, filled our tummies with cookies and cider and of course had a great show and tell.

Iris was on a mission this past year making full sized quilts for her kids and hubby. She was busy!

Sandra shows off her scrap placemats. Sandy is a good fabric forager.


Lorna shows off an original .... she won a bundle of scrappy strips at a function we had and made them into a large quilt. It turned out really sweet!

Sandra never disappoints .... this read work embroidery is unbelievable. Her half square triangles, simple and sweet.

Evelyn shows off two original designs. Well done Evelyn!

Lynne also designed her piece. It was quite a feet. Over 400 half square triangles to make this skull.

Robin has been vacationing in Denare Beach. We haven't seen much of her lately so it was nice she was able to come in for our party.

Marg is always a real producer and her purple masterpiece is a charmer.

Myrna shows off a sweet market bag and a throw she made for her self.

 Rae's labor of love ... a beauty only 3 years in the making. I wish you could see the intricate hand embroidery. (zoom in on the reindeer - they have fringed blankets on their backs). Lovely.

Some ladies were busy making wallets and retreat bags

I'm here accepting an armful of placemats on behalf of the hospital which we donate every year to Meals on Wheels

Mouthwatering picture here ....

A few action shots of our party

Until next time!