Tuesday 25 June 2024

Guild Day Tuesday, June 18, 2024

 As usual, we had a productive day today. There were 18 ladies coming and going throughout the day and a number of projects were being worked on. Four quilts were pin basted, one quilt which was pinned last month was quilted by Sandra D. and four quilts were having binding hand stitched down.

          Bev and Susan are stretching the backing and batting in preparation for pin basting a quilt.

Sandra S. is pressing sashing while Patty is stitching it to blocks. Sandra D. is quilting  a pin basted quilt.

                             Sandra is pinning the sashing to the blocks so it can be machine stitched.

The sashing is complete, next step is the borders. The blocks were sewn and donated by the members as part of our comfort block programs.

           Evelyn, Moira and Iris are busy at stitching bindings while Audrey is sewing more blocks.

Lorna is making up a new ironing board cover from a piece of canvas print she had. The old cover had been so well used that the scorch marks were staining fabric. Time to pitch it!

                                                                      Pinning in progress!

After a number of quilts tops have been completed and fabric bins have been rooted through, it’s time to resort the fabric into colours and sizes of pieces so it will be easier to find something to match or fit into the next set of tops to be constructed.

Comfort quilts:
There were eight completed comfort quilts handed in today. Thank you to all who did the work.

This leaf quilt was a group effort by our members. Lorna donated the blocks (thank you, Lorna) and the members then stitched them with spacer blocks, borders and binding.

Marg quilted this piece but no one recognized or remembered who did the piecing! Marg turned the extra backing material to the front for binding. That gives me an idea for one of my own quilts!

Lynn went through the batik bucket, added some from her own stash and made up enough kits for members to make blocks for four quilt tops. This is the third one and one more will be ready for next month. Sandra D. did the quilting today. 

This pattern is one of the 3 yard quilt patterns. The name is Roman Holiday and it was pieced by Phyl. This pattern was one of the two that the beginner quilters used.

                                        June did the strip quilting on this lovely baby quilt.

Another strip pieced quilt, this time in pink. These are so attractive and don’t require a pattern. It’s a good way to use up fabric strips that are too small for anything else and the flannel is so snuggly!

                                Heather did the quilting on this one. Did you also do the piecing?

This lovely top was pieced by Judy. She took the kit (put together by Lynn) , figured out a pattern and came up with this! Beautiful job Judy! I am unsure as to who did the quilting.

We now have 35 comfort quilts in the buckets. Five emergency services quilts are in various stages of completion.

Show and Tell:

Patty B’s Lone Star quilt is a gift for her son and daughter-in-law. It was custom quilted by Dixie Thule from Swan River. What a gorgeous quilt, Patty!

Susan made this wall hanging using the pattern for the pumpkins from our fall raffle quilt. She used the opportunity to work on her free motion quilting. Do you see her ghost pumpkin in the upper right corner? This is her first attempt at free motion quilting and it is very impressive!

Donna also used parts of the blocks from our fall raffle quilt for this lovely fall pillow. Beautiful work, Donna!

Lynsie is one of our new quilters. She cut, pieced, pin basted, quilted and applied the binding on this beautiful Roman Holiday quilt. Great job, Lynsie!

Not only did Lynsie make the Roman Holiday quilt, she also made a rag quilt for her daughter to use as her camping quilt. Another beautiful project!

Charlene, another of our new quilters, also chose the Roman Holiday pattern as her learning quilt. A beautiful choice of fabrics and a job well done!

Marg was gifted some special fabric by her friend from Slovakia. The patterns on the white fabric in these placemats are also present on the buildings of the town from which the fabric comes.

                                 The black fabric on this bag was another piece from Slovakia.

The white patterned fabric in these three bags was the third piece of Slovakian fabric she received. The colours are very vibrant and worked beautifully with the solids. What a special gift from her friend.

Marg said this was probably the longest pattern she had ever used, fourteen pages, if I remember correctly. The name of it is Gypsy Wives and there are many, many small pieces and blocks. A very unique and beautiful quilt!

Marg’s final piece was the last quilt from her store. This one has a lot of varying techniques and is a striking example of quilting.

Sandra has completed a second memory quilt for her sister. This one was made from shirts in blue tones. She does such an outstanding job of these quilts. Sandra definitely thinks outside the box.

The back of the quilt is also pieced. The pale blue is a sheet that belonged to their mother. A true memory for her sister!

Last but not least we have Audrey’s project. This is a little bag she made at the SUN quilter’s retreat in Creighton. It’s perfect for carrying all those notions we quilters need.

Lynn ended the evening by demonstrating the Christmas tree block for one of our Christmas raffle quilts. We will be sewing two quilts, one for the Women’s Resource Centre craft sale in Creighton and the other for the Christmas craft sale in Cranberry Portage.

Happy quilting everyone!

Thursday 30 May 2024

Guild Day, Tuesday, May 21, 2024

We welcome our rainy weather! It should help our dry conditions considerably.

We had a good turnout for our work day and as a result were able to get a number of projects closer to completion.

Three quilt sandwiches were pinned, one of which was quilted before day’s end. Several flimsies were in need of borders and are being worked on and some kits were prepared.

The SUN retreat will be held in the Creighton Community hall starting on Friday, May 30. Mama bears Quilt Shoppe will be there with fabrics, patterns and notions on Friday and Saturday from 10 - 4. All are welcome to come and shop.

Once we have enough comfort blocks returned by the members, the blocks have to be placed in a pleasing colour pattern. Lorna and Susan are working on arranging the Shoo Fly blocks.

Sandra is working on quilting a three yard quilt that was sandwiched and pin basted this morning.

Evelyn is hand stitching the binding on a comfort quilt. Moira and Iris were hand stitching earlier, as well.

This is the quilt that Sandra D. completed. She stitched the binding by machine which is considerably faster than hand stitching.

This three yard quilt is called Roman Holiday. It was pieced and quilted and machine bound by me. Thank you to the members that helped with the pin basting.

Another comfort quilt completed from a panel. I’m sorry I don’t remember who pieced this one, but it is a beautiful job!

This is our Vintage Fall Quilt for our quilt raffle. Guild members completed the blocks which Lynn had cut and made into small kits and then the blocks were joined and borders put on at our last quild day. Nadine did the quilting for us and now we are ready to sell tickets. Cindy will have the tickets at our June guild day. They will sell for $5.00 each and will be available from members. We will also be selling at the Cranberry Artisans Market on July 6th and at the Wild Things Market here in Flin Flon.

Some comfort quilts were donated to a family who lost their home and possessions in a house fire. They were very happy to receive quilts from us.

We now have 27 quilts in our donation buckets. There are 5 completed EMS quilts and three tops that need to be pin basted. Audrey is spear heading the effort on the EMS quilts and doing an awesome job!

Show and Tell:

                          Heather stitched this pillow top from a kit. The colours are very attractive.

The embroidered bird houses were from a donation to the guild which were offered to the members to use in a project. Heather created a set of beautiful pillows!

This is the quilt Heather stitched for her friend to replace the one she called the “rippy” one. If you recall, she had stitched a beautiful quilt with bias seams and bias quilting which ultimately popped its stitching with any amount of stretching. 

I enjoyed the Economy block, (square in a square block) that Audrey demonstrated and decided to make some new potholders and hot mats for my kitchen.

Patti E. shared her retreat project with us. This is the Mondo bag made by fusing many 2 1/2 “ squares onto a fusible backing, then stitching on the fold lines and joining the four resulting pieces. The finished product is very attractive! Her choice of fabrics with a bit of bling is quite eye catching.

Susan found the pattern for this Rainbow Scrapbusting Basket in a magazine and decided it was just what she needed to have beside her machine for thread bits, scraps, etc. She stitched this at our retreat as well as practising her free motion quilting.

Cindy purchased a kit with this fabric but didn’t care for the pattern that came with it so she chose a different pattern which resulted in this lovely creation!

Audrey finished this topper for her washing machine that she had been working on. One problem, she has since purchased a new washer! Oh well, there will be other uses for it!

This is Audrey’s One Block Wonder Christmas quilt. You begin with seven panels all the same, then use the stack and wack method to make the other blocks. It makes for a very interesting effect and a beautiful quilt. 

                             Her backing material is beautiful enough to make the quilt reversible!

Our program was presented by Lynn and was a simple block made by foundation piecing. Yes, this block could be sewn in the usual way but a number of people wanted a review of paper piecing and this is a simple block that will allow people to practice the basic steps. 

Happy quilting, everyone! See you next guild day!


Friday 10 May 2024

Spring Retreat May 3rd and 4th, 2024

 We had a good turn out for our Spring Retreat. The weather wasn’t great so being inside sewing with friends was a good way to spend two days. There were 21 members busily working on assorted projects, some new, some needing finishing touches , all beautiful. 

Lorna was working on a 3-yard quilt which she was doubling in size. These patterns start with the basic design and then show you how you can make larger sizes as well. Lorna started with a main colour and then chose pieces from her stash to make a scrappy version of this pattern.

Betty was laying out the pieces of what looked like a challenging pattern. Lots of curved lines! So far I’ve steered clear of piecing curves! Betty made it look easy.

       Judy, Audrey and Lorna G. were working on quilt tops while Donna was quilting a cushion top.

Patti was putting together a Mondo bag while one of our beginner quilters was putting together her quilt top.

Beverly was piecing a top she had started at our fall retreat while Susan was practising free motion quilting in preparation for quilting her cushion top. Later in the day I saw the top she was working on and the quilting is beautiful! Bev B. was taking a moment out as Lynn was pressing.

Bev’s ta-daaa moment! She worked on the quilt top while she was in Arizona for the winter. She used the Five and Dime ruler and vibrant prints which really pop with the purple border that she added today.

Sandra is working on another memory quilt for her sister. The last one was black and grays while this one is blue tones.

Pressing is a very important part of quilting. Audrey is making sure that everything is well pressed so that points match and everything fits.

Betty has more to add yet, but this gives us a good idea of what the finished piece will look like. This will be a stunning quilt!

On Saturday at eleven, Lynn had a small project prepared for us. We made up these attractive key fobs which took about ten minutes to make. What a terrific idea for stocking stuffers or any last minute gift! Thank you , Lynn!

On Friday at six, Tammy had a delicious supper prepared for 21 members. The menu included mushroom chicken, baked potatoes, carrots, broccoli salad, Caesar salad, buns and dessert. Thank you, Tammy, we thoroughly enjoyed everything.

By 4:00 PM on Saturday everyone had their equipment packed and ready to head home! Some projects completed, some well started, and a good two days of comaraderie! 

See you all next guild day!