Sunday, 20 March 2016

March 2016 Meeting Highlights

We had a small group of 5 out sewing during but we finished 4 quilt tops!   The bindings were also finished on two more comfort quilts so will be added to our growing collection to display at our show.

We had 20 members at our evening meeting and we talked about the quilt show and the new executive for May 2016.

Quilt Show News

-The entries are starting to come in and I have 62 quilts entered so far.  Hope to get that many more in the next few weeks. The deadline is April 15 for entries.  We usually display 120 to 150 quilts at the show.
-Our posters have arrived and members offered to hang them in Denare, Cranberry, Snow Lake, Duck Lake, Swan River, Winker and Winnipeg.  Sheri will get the rest posted around town and The Pas.
-We will need all our members to volunteer time at the show as we have many stations that need to be filled.  We have two Admissions desks, the Lug Nuts Raffle table, the Toonie Parade, the In House Raffles, and the Kitchen.
-We also need members to bring 3 dozen cookies for our tea.
-Set up will be on Thursday April 21 at 9am.  The more volunteers that show up the quicker the set up goes.
-Quilt Drop off is at the Community Hall on Thursday April 21 between 10 am and 1pm.
-We will be offering a Beginner class again to new members and this time we will use the Quarter Sections pattern to make a baby quilt.  The dates for those classes will be June 11 and 18.  Current members that wish to take the class are welcome to join and can make a larger size.
- Road 17 N from Winkler and Mami's Quilt Shop from Duck Lake will be our vendors.

Now to the 'Show Drama" I have been dealing with this weekend!  City Hall called me to say they have double booked the hall on our dates!  They asked that we switch to Creighton and I said "NO". I will stand firm on this as we have had these dates booked for years and it is their issue to resolve with the other group.  The only location our show fits is at the Flin Flon Hall.  Changing dates was also suggested to me by City Hall and I said that is not an option at this point as we have two vendors books and they have other activities planned on other weekends. We also have our posters printed and on display.   To say the least I am not a happy camper having to deal with this at this time! But I will stand firm and I told them that.

New Executive

We will be having our executive elections in May as the April meeting will be busy with quilt show business.  Thank you to Moira and Iris for taking on the Kitchen duties and  Cynthia for taking on the Library.  The position of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will be open and I'll start the begging to fill those positions soon! I would also like to have a Program Committee of about 4 to 6 members.

Show and Tell

Happy Quilting and I look forward to the return of our snowbirds next month!