Wednesday, 20 February 2019

February Meeting Highlights

We had a fairly big crowd at our meeting last night with lots of show and tell. 

Cynthia has been busy cleaning out her sewing room and the meals on wheels program has her to thank for that.

Eileen shows off her sweet Penguin party

Our mystery model shows a guild quilt .. no home for this beauty yet.

Vivian shows off a sweet baby quilt

June has worked very hard at making this lovely quilt

Luann with a scrappy economy block quilt

And a second ....

I was busy stash busting making an I-Spy with our Simple Bricks pattern from the new quilters workshop

More from Cynthia

Here is one of our new members with her Simple Bricks in batiks

Donna has also been stash busting

Cynthia popping up again ....

Mystery model again ... this comfort quilt doesn't have a dedicated home just yet

Oh ... hello master placemat maker

I'll make 100 of these sweet quilts before you know it!

Lynn always wows us .. this quilt is made with traditional Japanese fabrics. Everyday kimonos are usually muted, low volume pieces.

Another new quilter models her masterpiece. These ladies should be very proud of themselves ...they cut, pieced, quilted and bound their projects all on their own. Start to finish completed in no time! My first quilt was not this nice.

Vivian was away to Equador and had some textiles to show and tell.

Well .. hello again Cynthia ...

Hello again Sheri .....

Linda will have a happy great grand child when he recieves this wonderful gift.

Oh yes ... more placemats for meals on wheels!

Sandra totally planned to match her quilt ... this guild scrap quilt is called "It's not easy being green"

Audrey took us through a demonstration on mitred borders. I'm sorry I don't have any photos of it ... I was too amazed at the process to take good pictures of it!

Members that return next meeting with a placemat made with mitred corners will recieve a So Fine thread from me (max 5!) Let's see who's up to the challenge! (and how much money you put in your swear jar!)

Until next time ....

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Anyone Need a Hug?

I finished quilting our latest Hug Me Quilt today and thought I would post it to share ... it's off to be bound and delivered this week. It is really sunny and sweet! This quilt tells me that spring is coming ... it is! 

 See you at our next meeting on February 15th! If you need a hug or have extras to spare, I'll bet there will be plenty to swap!