Friday, 22 January 2016

January 2016 Meeting Highlights

We were a small group for the first meeting of the new year as many of our member have left the cozy comforts of our Manitoba winters for a few months of warmer living.   For those that have stayed to tough out the season we are happy to report it has been mild winter so far.

During the day we were busy finishing up the two Biscuit quilts and they just need to be tied now. Binding is being hand stitched on a few quilts and bordering being put on others.  We are determined to finish up the 17 UFO projects the guild has in the cupboard, yes we counted and the number is 17!

Here is our Garlic Knot quilt all finished.

We are getting plans in place for our quilt show in April.  There is still one job that needs to be taken care of and that is our Toonie Parade.  If you want this fundraiser to be part of the show we need a volunteer to take on this job, there were no volunteers at our meeting.  Please contact Audrey, Sheri or myself if you are interested in this job.

Myrna found a great article on Craftsy on how to clean and care for you quilts.  You can find that here.

I made a poster for our show and will send it out to the printers soon.  Getting this picture was a bit challenging as I didn't want any marks in the new fallen snow!

Sheri has chosen her Presidents block and it is the Star Fling pattern.   The guild is providing the background fabric and pattern, members need to use a medium or dark fabric for the star.

Our program for the evening was hand applique and we will be finishing the block we started with our hexi flowers. The guild is providing the background fabric, stem and leaf fabric.

Show and Tell

Rae sent a picture of her, Judy and Raye out golfing on Vancouver Island. Enjoy your winter ladies! 

Happy Quilting Ladies!