Thursday, 17 October 2019

October Meeting Highlights

We had a spirited bunch out for our October meeting with lots of show and tell to share

Sandra made a lovely runner 

Rae has been busy ....

Rae is showing off a quilt made by Marg F. who had to run before the meeting.

Myrna has been busy .... 

Judy too ....

Audrey is smiling!

I've been busy ....

Donna has spoiled grand dogs 

Sandra will be making her kids happy .. they are Halloween crazies 

Our presidential team ... Sandra & Lorna present Audrey with her president's blocks.

Happy stitching friends! See you next month

Tuesday, 8 October 2019


One of the directors of the Aboriginal Headstart program passed along more pictures to us of the children making use of our empty spool donations. Goes to show you that beauty can emerge from anything! 

Empty thread spools are a perfect painting tool for a toddler. They are very durable, easy to wash and the perfect size for small hands.


Monday, 7 October 2019


I was a very poor blog photographer on the weekend! 

We had our annual fall 2-day retreat and I only managed to get 3 pictures out of it! Clearly, I had my head down and was quietly sewing away in the corner! 

A couple of gals joined us from one of our favourite quilt shops Road 17 North from Winkler to share their wares. I'm confident it was worth the trip. I will speak for myself and others to say that we crave fabric .. crave it. It's tough to have a quilting addiction and no store in town to feed us a fix!  Cheryl and Marianne were lovely and hope they join us again! I think there were around 20 or so for the weekend but some came and went ... like I said, I was a quiet mouse in the corner minding my own business!

Our supper was catered and delicious. We love not having to wash dishes. It was a grand weekend. If you missed out this time, please know we were thinking of you and hope you can attend in the spring. 

Some lovely guild friends may have more pictures to add .. if you do, please send them my way.