Monday, 22 November 2010

November Meeting

November has been a busy month for the guild. First the Craft Sale on Nov 6 were we sold 374 tickets on our Irish Chain quilt and the winner was Betty Smith of Flin Flon.  Then our retreat on Nov 12th and 13th ( see post below Trunk Show).  Then our regular meeting on the 16th with the wonderful Trunk Show by Rae and Evelyn ( see post below).
Some of our complete comfort quilts were displayed at the evening meeting including this one that will be given to a young girl going through Chemo right now.

The next set of instructions for our Mystery quilt were demonstrated by Lori and myself.
*thanks for not throwing rotten tomatoes at us for our cutting instruction error, greatly appreciated*

A few Toy Blocks have been turned in early as well as some placemats for Meals on Wheels.

Reminders for our December meeting:
-date changed to Wednesday Dec 15
-Evening party starts at 6:30, bring a friend and a blue fat quater for you and each guest.
-Toy blocks are being voted on, as well as a participation draw
-Scrappy Challenge
-Silent auction items to Nadine before the Dec meeting
-Donations of Meals on Wheels placemats

Now on to some photos of another great Show and Tell.

Lynn with her wolf wall hanging.

Sandra with her quilting practice mats.

Marg with her scrappy flannel baby quilts.

Marg with her Irish Chain quilt.

Audrey's Halloween wall hanging.

Phyl's jelly roll bag from our workshop.

Don't forget to check out the next two posts below from the Trunk Show and Retreat.

Trunk Show

The idea of having guild members give trunk show for our programs has been tossed around for awhile and last meeting we finally had our first one.  Talk about setting the bar high!!  Past presidents Rae B. and Evelyn B. took us through the guilds history of projects and challenges.  At the end the tables were piled high with all their beautiful quilts and they received the guilds first standing ovation!

The guilds first Block of the Month project.

They shared their Guild Challenges with us.

Guild Christmas Mystery Projects.

The FIRST ragtime quilt brought to the guild...and I can only imagine how many have been made by our guild members since that was show years ago. 

Evelyn's Presidents quilt.

Rae's Presidents quilt.

Thank you Rae and Evelyn!! 
We all enjoyed the trunk show and great stories that went with each quilt.
(See the pile of quilts...I wasn't kidding!)

November Retreat

On November 12th and 13th our guild held a retreat at the United Church.  This time we tried something new and had a Pot Luck supper.  That went over very well and we had enough food for the next day's lunch and supper.  Not only are we great quilters but we sure know how to cook too!  I think that will become part of our regular Retreat activites from now on.  

The following photos were taken by Barb H, thank you for taking all these great pictures.

Getting the food all set up...and Gail can't wait to get started! 

See lots of delicous food!!

We did quilt too and here is the proof.

Here is Rae working on her batik Scrappy Star quilt.
Donna working hard practicing her free motion and Gail doing....well we aren't sure what Gail was working on at the retreat! (just kidding were our entertainment!)
Lori's Star blocks from her online block exchange.  Great color choices on those borders!
Eileen working hard on her scrappy star quilt.

Marg with her sampler quilt top.
Sandra hand quilting on her 30 year quilt project.
Lynn and her curved black, white and red blocks.
Evelyn with her curved piecing project.   Those curved templates we bought from Prairie Chick has gotten quite a workout from our guild members.
Me (Kathy) and my seasonal banners.
Phyl and her bali pop quilt.
Glenna working on her Christmas tree skirt.
Val trimming up her star blocks in the kitchen.
Audrey basting her Ice Cream Cone quilt.  ( see Audrey ... I didn't say Popsicle!)
Marg helping Adele with her County Lines quilt.
Lori teaching us a new binding technique.

Monday, 15 November 2010

November Meeting Reminder

Hi, everyone. This Tuesday, November 16th, is Guild and Meeting Day. How time has flown by this past month!

Morning & Afternoon: Guild and Personal Projects. For guild projects we hope to get started with the designing and piecing of the SPCA quilt, layer our Disappearing Nine patches and work with the Orphans.
Supper time: There will be an executive meeting during the supper hour staring at 5:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to join in so bring your supper and offer your opinions and ideas.
Evening Program: A Trunk Show (Who??) The trunk show will start at 7:00 pm with the usual business meeting to follow. This way all the trunk show items can be displayed at the same time as Show and Tell items.

Remember to bring:
Silent Auction items you may have for the Christmas Party. Give them to Nadine.
Any completed 8 ½” Toy Blocks. All Toy Blocks will be displayed at the Christmas Party and prizes awarded. Give you completed blocks to Lorna Heuchert.
Recipes for any cookies, treats and food dishes you have brought to guild functions in the past and if you are bringing cookies for November. Give them to Robin.
Show and Tell

See you Tuesday.

Monday, 1 November 2010

DO NOT PANIC.....that's our job!

So maybe you shouldn't have trusted us so quickly!  GULP!   Okay here goes...... Lori and I have just discovered a itsy bitsy teeny weeny error in the cutting instructions to our Mystery Quilt.  **hides behind hands**
 We are very sorry!

The good news - the cutting instructions are fine for the Lap and Twin sizes so if you picked one of those sizes take a sigh of relief, sorry to alarm you.  Keep up the good work.
The bad news - you guess it.... Queens size instructions has the error, but only in one of your beautifully labeled baggies.   The mistake is with the background fabric in baggy I.  It said to cut WOF 2 1/2" wide but I should have said 3 1/2" wide.  Honest mistake, right? 

If you have not cut your fabric then please change this in your instructions or contact Lori or myself.
Now if you have cut your fabric all is not lost, honest, if there is a way to figure out how to fix this Lori and I will find us!
I am looking at my Queen size fabric CUT and have figured out that I have enough extra fabric from buying the required amount to cut 4 new strips and can piece together the 3 more I need.
So if you have your fabric cut for the Queen size quilt please bring your fabric to the meeting and Lori and I will help you figure out the best way to approach the fix.

Oh more good news....the strips you cut at 2 1/2" could be used for binding.  See things are looking better already!

So please spread the word about this error to other guild members that are participating in our Mystery Project. 

I think it is time for a bit of chocolate... the nausea experienced when discovering the mistake is starting to settle down a bit.