Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Crayon Challenge 2007

This is the new quilt challenge for 2007. You can participate and choose whether or not you want to be judged. If you don't want to be judged consider participating just to challenge yourself. Kathy S has the wrapped crayons available for purchase.

1. Pick a wrapped crayon and the colour of the crayon that you pick will be the dominant colour of your challange. You can use different colours in your challenge but make sure that the crayon colour is the main focus in the quilt. You can use lighter and darker shades of your crayon to help get this effect. (Colouring a piece of paper with your crayon can help).

2. The binding on your challenge must be the colour of your crayon.

3. Challenge must fit in a 50 inch x 60 inch area - any shape.

4. Use as many fabrics as you like and embellishments allowed.

5. Machine or hand quilted by entrant.

6. Judging will be based on:
-Visual Impact - How well you have used your crayon coloour as well as how the other fabrics in your challenge were used to complement your crayon colour.
- Workmanship - Piecing, quilting, and finishing.

7. Crayon must be turned in with the challenge for judging.

8. DEADLINE October 1, 2007

9. Cost of Kit is $10.

10. Sponsored by Faktors.

For more info contact Kathy S.

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