Sunday, 5 March 2023

NORVA display

 During the month of February, the NORVA centre displayed the 24 x 24 challenge pieces that our guild members stitched. Our first challenge was displayed at the last quilt show before Covid, while the second challenge, the tangerine challenge, was to be presented at the next quilt show. That show did not happen so the challenge was postponed until our fall retreat in 2022 at which time we revealed our work. To get a wider audience for our work, we approached NORVA to see if they would be interested in setting up a display. February was the time!

The following three photos are of the tangerine challenge revealed at our fall retreat.

                                From left to right: Sandra S, Lynn, Sheri

                                                         Gladys, Marg, Lorna.

                                                  Cindy, Sandra D., Rae, Patty B.


These seven pieces were from the first challenge that we displayed at the quilt show. There were more than seven , but not all were available for display.

From left to right, top two, Sandra D., Sandra S., bottom, Rae, circular one, Lorna, top two, Donna, Gladys, bottom, Lynn.

On February 18, 2023, a number of us who were available to do so, took part in an Artist’s Talk at NORVA. We were given the opportunity to tell those in attendance what inspired us to do the piece and some information on the techniques used.

Sandra displayed her challenge piece as well as the piece that inspired her. The smaller piece is a hankie that belonged to her mother and the green and orange echoed the flowers on the hankie. She used a specialty ruler to cut the curved pieces for her challenge and spoke on the use of rulers in quilt construction.

Cindy’s piece was a collage of Flin Flon scenes and happenings, Blueberry Jam, bears, rocks, the border location. Each block was indicative of its content ie; bear paw with bear fabric, drunkards path with the blueberry fabric indicative of  the Blueberry Jam festival, Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Jets on their respective provincial shapes with Flin Flon’s location shown by the city pin. Every part of the collage had a quilt block that matched it. She spoke about the names of the blocks and their construction which was greatly enjoyed by the audience.

Sheri’s piece illustrated yet another quilting technique. Every Child Matters used paper piecing in its construction. She has since constructed more hangings in this pattern.

Lorna’s piece is entitled “The Moose is Loose”. The technique used by her was taught by Anne Kirby a number of years ago. The picture is traced on six different fabrics, the pieces are cut out and then the colours are rearranged and the picture is stitched back together. We were allowed to use as much or as little of the tangerine as we wished. She chose to use a minimal amount.

Donna’s inspiration was the Winter Olympics. She had seen a pattern in a magazine of winter downhill sports and adapted it to the Olympics by clothing the athletes in Canadian garb.

My inspiration came from my husbands love for fly fishing. I started with a McKenna Ryan pattern and added and changed parts to achieve the correct size for the challenge as well as adding one of my husband’s flies to the end of the line. The technique employed is raw edge appliqué.

We had a lovely afternoon talking about the art of quilting while enjoying coffee and cookies. Thank you , NORVA, for giving us the opportunity of displaying our pieces!


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