Monday, 26 August 2019


This is a blank slate! A beautiful tangerine coloured slate! 

What are you going to do with this material?

This is the fabric for our quilt show challenge ... you have one year to come up with a masterpiece!
Well .... a masterpiece with a few rules!

You must pay $10 to get this fabric (see Lynn for that)

You must make a 24 inch square mini quilt .... not 30 ", not 12" ... 24"!

It must be square. Not round, not cuckoo crazy ... square please.

You must sew it all yourself. All of it. No hiring a long arm quilter ... you can't farm out your binding.

You must make it all yourself (it will be great!)

You must not add any hangers to it .... they need to fit on the peg boards for the stage

You must have an open mind and good spirit to take part ... go out of your comfort zone, or stick with what you are comfortable with.

The tangerine must be used on the front. Use it anywhere but it has to be noticeable. Don't cheap out on just use an inch, now. Use it!

Have fun


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