Wednesday, 17 October 2018

October Meeting Highlights

We had quite a healthy crowd at our October guild meeting last night ... lots to discuss about upcoming events and rehashing our fall show. We are already planning and plotting how to improve things for next time around. We were all fairly happy with the fall show and will be holding it again in September of 2020. It seems alot of guilds have made a switch from the spring. 

These two beauties are bee projects that we will be raffling off this season at our local craft sales. 

Diane had some help modelling her lovely quilt. It seems comfy. 

Phyl and Myrna have been travelling to fun retreats making the most of their embroidery machines.

Everyone wants to talk while we take pictures! Lorna showing off her sweet mini.

Marg with another low volume beauty

Cynthia has been busy making baby quilts

And placemats ....

And throws ...

Vivian shows off a lovely wildlife piece

Lynn models a modern baby quilt

And another ... this particular throw is the pattern our beginners will be tackling this month

Sandra has been a good scrap picker again

Another guild project so far without a home

And another .... can you tell we really like to make quilts 'just because'!

Oh ... and here's another one .....

The next part of the gallery is a showcase of the mini quilts some of us made as part of the quilt show challenge. The rules were that your mini was to be 24 inches and pieced, quilted and constructed entirely by the maker. I love how you can get a feel for our varied tastes and skills.

Sandra S. is a rule breaker! Her min was 23.75 inches! Bad girl.

Until next month!

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