Monday, 9 October 2017

Raffle Quilts

Raffle quilts complete! I was excited to be asked to help in the construction of these two fun quilts. We will be raffling them off at two Christmas sales next month. They are hard to part with! We use raffles like this to keep our guild's bank account in a healthy state .... money = quilts = money = quilts ... it's the quilt guild circle of life. We raise money to buy fabric to make quilts. Bjorn Bear and Dogs in Sweaters are just about the cutest raffle quilts we have made yet! 

The air was chilly when we took this pictures .... good thing these puppies are toasty in their warm Nordic sweaters. My next photos will likely have a snowy backdrop.


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Kathy Schwartz said...

I'm going to need tickets on both of these!