Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Party Paper Bag Game

And all through the house, every creature was stirring, including the mouse.  All the quilts had been hung by the right corners with care—in hopes that a large crowd would soon be there.
All the right forms were completed and pinned to each piece—the left, lower label displayed for hanging ease.  Nothing left to chance right before the big day.
Right near the entrance, our new challenge debuts- right front and center to ensure the best views.   Visions of ballipops and jellyrolls dance before our eyes- each one its own masterpiece that fills the right size.  With the right fabric color, and right theme displayed, the creators have shown us an awesome parade.
All through the hall there arose such a clatter, we sprang from our chairs amid all the chatter.  Away to the frames we flew like a flash—hanging and clamping and righting the sash.
Quilts to the right, quilts to the back, runners and placemats to the left of the tea- tables at the left of the stage.  Weaving among all the awesome displays,-- right, left, right again—it’s all so great, this talent portrayed.
Our raffle is always a really big hit—a chance to have the right ticket drawn to win one of the beautiful items our guild members have created.  There won’t be a ticket left for there is something for everyone—the right size, right age-group, and the right color combinations.
Audrey and Marg can be counted on to teach us new things, using the right rulers, right patterns, right templates, right techniques, and if anyone is left with any questions, they are right there to help with the right information and right suggestions until no doubts are left.
We always serve cookies to all who attend, but of course we only serve cookies that have left out the calories, left out the cholesterol, and left out all harmful color and additives.
So you see, every two years we put on a right jolly old show, and in a twinkling of an eye, we are heard to exclaim as the last quilt left on the frame comes down---“Let’s all dash-a-way, dash- a- way, dash- a- way all—back to our drawing boards, for two years is just right around the corner.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”

* edited on Nov 1, 2015*   Here is more info on our game. We use Fat Quarters in this game so all the participates bring a fat quarter and will then leave with a fat quarter at the end of the game. We pick a theme or colour of fat quarter each year.  We also stand in a large circle as that is much easier than moving chairs and makes it easier to pass the bags.  We use a new story every year, some we write ourselves or you can find many Left/Right stories on the internet to use.  There is a lot of laughing with game so we hope you try it at your guild meeting!

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