Thursday, 18 August 2011

August Meeting

We had 18 members and two guest for our rainy day August meeting.  During the day we finished piecing another Snowman quilt and started putting together the Disappearing 4-Patch Jelly Bean quilt.   A few members were also working on our Touch Quilts.  We now have 37 completed and they just need labels and will be ready to donate to our local care homes next month. 

The latest news from our business meeting was a reminder about our next Retreat on Friday Sept 30 and Saturday October 1. We will also be participating in Culture Days by having an Open House on Saturday Oct 1 during our retreat. This will allow the public to view a variety of quilting projects as well see where we meet.

We will be starting a new three month project in September for a Scrappy quilt led by Marg Faktor.  If you are interested in participating you need to be at the Sept meeting or have a friend bring your fabric and collect the new fabric for you.  You are asked to bring 220 three inch squares of 100% cotton fabric and a brown paper bag or a container to collection your fabric in.  These squares should be medium-dark or dark in colour and try to avoid prints with white, yellow or cream. About 14 squares from 15 different fabrics would work or just dig into your scrap bins and collect as many different dark colours fabrics that you can cut into 220 3" squares, whatever works for you.

Here is the quilt, we are doing the lap size only.

If you are confused as to how this will work what happens is everyone participating will bring their 220 squares and put then in small piles on the table.  Participants will then walk around the table collecting one square of fabric at a time from the outside edge piles until everyone has 220 square of fabric. When a pile on the outside edge is emptied a new pile from the center of the table is slide into that empty spot and this continues until all the fabric is gone. I am curious how many trips around the table it will take to collect 220 squares!! It should be a lot of fun :)
There will be different options for borders and the amount of background fabric needed. You can use one fabric for the background or two fabrics like Marg did on this quilt.  This will be discussed in October.

Our program was How to Use the GO Cutter system.

Social Services are requesting more Kids Bags, we have copies of the pattern available if you do not have one.

Septembers program will be How to Clean your Sewing Machine and then collecting our fabrics for the New Scrappy Quilt Project.

We are keeping Marg really busy this month as she has also offered to sharpen scissors again for us.  She will be set up during the day and evening and the cost is $2 a pair. She will be offering his service again in October if you forget your scissors or can not make it to the September meeting.

Now onto Show and Tell.
Guilds Snowman quilt finished.
Guild's Candy Jar quilt finished.

This was Lori's last meeting before she moves and when she brought out her hand dyed bamboo scarves to show us before the meeting and the ladies all asked "are these for sale?"  So they all bought one as they are beautiful reminders of the great time we have with Lori at the guild!   Don't worry ladies ...she will be back to visit I'll make sure of that.

See you next month.

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