Thursday, 16 July 2009

Mystery Quilt

At the July meeting our President announced the start of a new Mystery Quilt in September. You can easily make this 33" X 46 1/2" Sampler Wall Hanging out of your stash or scrap bins.
But some members may want to purchase some of their fabric while away on vacation this summer.

Here is a supply list

20" (50cm) each of a medium and a light for Borders

24" (60cm) of a matching dark fabric for another border and the binding

3 or more light fat quarters

3 or more med to dark fat quarters

small amounts - 6" pieces
5 or more pieces of light
5 or more medium pieces
5 or more dark pieces.

1.35 m of backing fabric

Hope that helps you out. Can't say too much more, because it is a mystery.

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