Thursday, 18 June 2009

Our Surprise "THANKS MARG" Show and Tell.
Here is Lorna and Rae being really good sports in this hot/humid weather wearing their parkas they made in Marg's class many years ago.

Evelyn, Rae and Lorna showing their embellished jacket from Marg's class. Humm....i think Rae's still needs a bit of assembly and when will we see that finished Rae??

Alene and Lori showing their bags from Marg's Cathedral Windows class. Hey ladies, i like how your outfits match your bags!

Here is Lorna and Lynn with their COMPLETED beginner class quilt. And their were a few brave souls that came with their beginner quilts still in a neat little pile of just blocks.

And here is Audrey showing one of the many crafts that Marg taught at her classes out at Cranberry.
It was a fun Show and Tell with many stories shared.....including Val's $75 panties story (no sample show) from Marg's lingerie class!
And Marg don't worry we still need you to help us with our quilting/sewing projects, that will never change.

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