Friday, 13 March 2009

March Meeting Reminder

March 17 is our next meeting and i just want to remind you that we will be having a machine quilting lesson in the afternoon from 1 to 5pm. So if your interested in practicing your quilting we will have small cat and dog quilts for everyone to work on. Bring your sewing machine, extention tables, extention cord, basic sewing kit ( scissors, bobbins, etc), thread that you normally quilt with, and most importantly your walking foot and darning foot. If you have Machingers gloves bring those, i have two pair and the guild had a pair if you have never tried them. Also some paper and a pen for taking notes and for practicing drawing designs before you try them on the quilt.

My plan is to show you how to baste the small quilt on a table, then play with the tension on your machines using your walking foot and darning foot and then start quilting. I think the main goal of the afternoon will be to learn how to adjust tension on your machines ( different threads and feet need different tension) and to get your stitches even when freemotioning. The guild does have pounce and stencils if your feel like trying to follow a design too.

I wanted to add this photo on the last posting but i could only post 5 pictures. So here is what we do after the meetings when we are cleaning up. A few months ago Sandra had told us the story of the quilt her daughters made with fabric from her high school grad dress and we asked her to bring the dress. She brought it to the February meeting and i just had to try it on...see how my sweater matches the binding!! This is such a great picture of Sandra!

See you all at the meeting!

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