Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tamarack Shack

At last Kathy has her long arm quilting machine.
To celebrate the event she had an open house on Sunday January 11.
The Guild sent her this floral arrangement.

Here are some of the ladies enjoying cookies, punch, tea and coffee in the house. Lorie was our most gracious hostess in the house.

Since the Tamarack Shack is just the right size for Kathy, but not all the quilters we took turns going out to see the demos.

Some of us were brave enough to try out the new machine, and some just looked on.

Good luck Kathy, I know we are all happy.

Happy quilting for 2009 everyone!


KathyS said...

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, they looked great on my kitchen table during the open house and are still looking good.
I had a total of 33 visitors on Sunday and i didn't get back into the house until 4:45!
Thanks Lori for being a great hostess, i couldn't have done this without you.
Hope everyone had a good time at the open house, thanks for coming out.

I have started my own blog and the address is
I don't know how often i'll use it but thought it would be nice to post pictures of some of the quilting i'll be doing.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the open house was a success! Wish I could have been there!