Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Quilting Incident

At about lunch time on quilting day Marg L moved her leg and then she had trouble. As you all know she had her knee fixed up some time ago. I guess that something happened to her new joint replacement. Rae phoned the ambulance and her they are taking her away to the hospital. She looked remarkable cheerful.

Now I didn't want to post anything until we knew how she was doing.
Rae sent me this message with the update.
Just spoke to Bill and Marg might be home tomorrow.
Wednesday September 17 she flew to the Grace Hospital in Wpg.
5pm surgery to pop things back in place
Thursday the xray showed that the knee was not lined up properly
Transfered to the Concordia Hospital where they are to specialize in knees and hips
The top Dr. did surgery that evening and replaced part of her new knee
She is to wear a knee brace for 3 months.

Yesterday Marg was out shopping and to Boston Pizza for supper.
They are waiting for all the cultures to come back -checking for infection- before she is released.

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MargsDaughter said...

Well Mom (aka Marg L), you must be the first person to be in a picture on a stretcher in a Quilt Blog... Everyone needs there 15 minutes of fame, some of us just so happen to find more unique ways than others to secure it :-)

Now, in all seriousness everyone, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for taking such good care of my Mom at the church when her "knee incident" occurred.

Thanks to Rae for calling the ambulance and to all of you for keeping her company both at the church & at FFGH.

A big thank you to Marg H for calling to advise me of the situation & for heading up to FFGH be with my Mom as we tried to locate the "Elusive Bill" :-)

Nice to see the picture & the fact that you all have such a good sense of humour ~Erin L :-)

PS: Marg H: I guess you'll eat lunch with the ladies from now on to ensure you don't miss any excitement, right?! :-)