Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Party December 18

The quilting christmas party is on Tuesday, so this is a short blog to remind everyone what to bring to the meeting.

1. Your friend
2. Your show and tell, and placemats
3. Your meals on wheels placemat
4. Fat Quarter with gold in it, not necessarily Christmas fabric in a brown paper bag
5. Cookies, only if you have been phoned
6. A Loonie for the coffee fund, we donate this money.
7. A mug to drink your coffee
8. Your silent Auction article ( if you are donating one)
9. Your cheque book or cash, so you can participate in the silent auction.

Happy cookie time starts at 6PM, the meeting and more fun starts at 7PM.

Don't forget we will be there at 9AM in the morning, working on comfort quilts. As usual all are invited, please come around to help out or just to visit.

Here is one of the comfort quilt tops we put together using the flower four patchs from our members.

See you Tuesday, Happy Quilting and Merry Christmas!

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