Wednesday, 19 September 2007

News from the September 18th Meeting

We had another busy day of quilting all day on Tuesday. We had quit a few little projects either started or completed by 10:30 in the morning. We all worked so hard we forgot to stop for our morning coffee. But we made up for it by having a delightful lunch together.

Kathy finished quilting our quilt of Comfort and Remberance. This is it pictured below. It's lovely and is being shipped to Ottawa Wednesday or Thursday. Now, we are ready to get a head start on next year's quilt. Please consider making a Maple leaf square. The patterns can be picked up at Faktor's or downloaded from this internet site :
If you are thinking of doing the applique pattern, please don't use the pattern from this site, but pick up the revised leaf pattern at Faktor's. The leaf has been reduced for a nicer fitting block.

A representative from the local newspaper attended our meeting last night, to take photos and learn the details of The Remberance Quilt project. Look for us in a future publication.

This April 18th and 19th is our big quilt show. We are looking for volunteers for the different jobs. It is always a very entertaining weekend. Consider volunteering.

The Crayon Challenge is due at the Novemeber 20th meeting. The weather is getting cooler now so it is a good time to start working on your sewing projects. If the crayon project doesn't appeal to you, we are having a quilting retreat at the Victoria Inn October 27th and October 28th. Look for more details closer to that date, however if you are interested please sign up at the next meeting or contact one of the executive.

Our president has announced her block request for her outgoing president's quilt. The guild has purchased a white fabric which will be cut into squares, and four of these squares will distributed
to the members. We will be adding five red squares from our own stash, to make a nine patch. Nice and simple.

Next month our program will be called The First or The Worst. The idea is to bring your first quilt or your worst quilt, or both, to the meeting. Be prepared to tell a good story to accompany your quilt. It should be a lot of fun. So don't be shy, bring something out to the meeting.

Now the fun stuff, Show and Tell.
Cathy's Bali bags and you can also see the great turn out of flowered four patches. We are looking for more of the same next month.
Marg H with her blue jean bag. Adelle's Lady quilt.
Kathy's curved quilt.
As usual it was a great quilting day.

Till next month.

Happy Quilting!

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Trina said...

I love this Blog. Being able to keep up with Guild news from Slovakia is GREAT!
Trina Caba