Monday, 22 August 2016

August 2016 Meeting Highlights

We had a busy day working on our two Hunter Star Christmas raffle quilts.  We finished piecing the first one ( shown above) and the second one is in the block stage and should be finished next month.
We also basted four quilt top and those all left with members to quilt over the next few months!  I'm so happy to see these quilts going out to be quilted by our members, this is the best way to practice your quilting skills!

I will be offering a fall Beginner Class at our October 22 UFO day for those that could not make it to the spring class. It will still be a regular UFO day for our members as I only have 3 students in the class so far so we won't take up much room!

Our Program for the evening was Binding demonstrated by Phyl Broughton.

Now to our Show and Tell!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

July 2016 Meeting Highlights

The 'Oh Canada" quilt is now done for the Syrian family and it was lovely to meet the mother of the family at our UFO day in July.   Sandra S. took the quilt after our meeting to give to the family.
We had a busy guild day working on quilt tops as well as a great afternoon workshop lead by Marg Faktor in the Reflection quilt.  Marg also demonstrated it at the evening program.

The guild had another finish,  the baby Quarter Sections quilt from our Beginner Class in June.

All our UFO and Retreats dates are booked until the end of December, the list is on the right had side of this page.
Don't forget Marg is sharpening scissors at our August Guild day but only during the day, not at the evening meeting.  Each pair sharpened only $2.

Show and Tell

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

June 2016 Meeting Highlights

We had another busy guild day with lots of sewing machine humming away!   We finished piecing a Yellow Brick Road quilt, the Big and Tall plaid quilt and got the borders on the quilt we will be donation to the new Syrian family arriving to town this week.  We also started a City Slicker quilt and are at the stage of making the blocks.  So a very productive day.

We have our programs planned until the end of the year and I'll share that schedule with everyone when I email the minutes.

Our Program for the evening was all the different method you can use to make a HST ( Half Square Triangle) block.
Here are some links to the methods:
The Versatile Half Square Triangle
Magic 8 Method

At our July Meeting Marg Faktor will be running an afternoon workshop on how to make this style of Reflections quilt.  I will be email the information for this class in a week or two so everyone has all the details.

Then at the August Meeting Marg will be offering her Scissor Sharpening services and it is $2 a pair.

Our Friendship Star Comfort Blocks are looking great and this will be our comfort block for over the summer as well.  So if you want to make more please do as they are so quick and easy!

Next UFO Day is Saturday, July 9th!

Our Beginner Quilting Class went very well. We had 14 students and all got to the quilting stage and some even started cutting out a second quilt by the end of the second class. Great job ladies!

Now to our Show and Tell.

Happy Sewing Everyone!
Oh I added a list of the Ruler that are available in the Guild Library to the sidebar of the blog.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

May 2016 Meeting Highlights

We had a very busy May guild day and it was so nice to see so many members out at 9am!   We had 4 sewing stations set up in no time and we got right to work piecing 4 Quilt of Valour quilts.    We even had enough time to start a 5th Mahjongg quilt that we will donate to the Syrian Family that might be coming to our community! Then we finished up a few quilt tops by adding the borders as well as pin based a few baby quilts. I was an extremely productive day!  Now I'm busy planning a few more project for us to work on in June, you'll be getting my email about that before the next meeting.

We will be having our Beginner Classes on Saturday, June 11 and June 18th.  We have 17 quilters signed up and I'm really looking forward to teaching this class.

We had our guild executive elections this month and the results are:
Past President - Sheri McPhee
President - Kathy Schwartz
Vice President - Audrey Neufeld
Secretary - Lynn Fischer
Treasurer - Phyl Broughton

We will be having an Programs Committee meeting at 5pm at our June meeting and all are welcome to come and share your ideas.

The program for the evening was our newest comfort block called the Friendship Star and we also demonstrated the Bloc-Loc ruler.  We are asking members to make two blocks using one Black and White print for the background and a bright colored fabric for the star.  Instructions will be available again at the June meeting.

Show and Tell

It was a great Show and Tell!  
Happy Stitching!